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Pow via Bonjour

I fell in love with Pow the moment it was released. Easily deployed multi-app multi-ruby rvm-aware rack development? <3!

I've modified Pow so it publishes via mDNS, also known as Bonjour. This means you can send someone across the office a link to your current development copy of an app to break for you.

Anything that works at http://myapp.dev will also work at http://myapp.mycomputername.local within the local network. If you don't know what your computer name is, look in the Mac OS X Sharing preference pane. It handily tells you the name that other computers can access your computer via.

There are a few caveats, and there's still quite a bit to do... it doesn't notice changed hostnames, doesn't say goodbye when leaving (host entries may linger for other users), it doesn't publish _http._tcp services for browsability (but who uses this anyway), and it only publishes the default route over all interfaces so if your network topology is the least bit interesting it might break.

The code's on GitHub:


I don't want to publish a release contrary to 37signals', so it's from-source installation only. There's a discussion about the feature and a pull request, so I hope it might get into master. I hear from-source instructions are coming. Until then, see this discussion.