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Made Myself a New Blog; Woops

Triggered by a Twitter conversation with @pat my interest in blogging has been reinvigorated. After looking at a few options, I still couldn't find anything I liked, and the ol' Tumblr had not aged well.

Here's what I wanted:

  • Minimal and fast
  • Still web-based for online editing, no ssh/compile phase
  • Markdown, specifically GitHub-flavored with...
  • Great syntax highlighting
  • Drafts which can be automatically published later
  • Twitter single-user authentication

So I built it. It's not Svbtle, but I like it. It's friendly:

The drafts list, with greeting below


The new post interface

And offers easy previews:

Previewing a post

Heavily inspired by GitHub's stack, it's built in rails using github-markdown, pygments.rb, omniauth, slim, sass (not scss), coffee, and nestive.

Co-incidentally, this is exactly what I wanted from a content management system, so I might roll one together for the ad-hoc websites people ask me to build.